Welcome to my composition Blog. Here I will talk about all things composition related and will help you build a YouTube channel for your music.
I will blog about;
Composition, piano, improvisation, playing by ear, setting up a YouTube channel, practice techniques and other good shit to help you improve as a musician and put together your YouTube channel!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. So I listened to 5cm per sec end theme and I think it’s great however I that there are other songs even better (in my opinion) could we give a list

    Sorry for the inconvenience
    Benjamin Zhou


  2. I like the song but I think there are ones better(in my opinion) could you possibly give me a list? Sorry for the inconvenience I just want it to be perfect


  3. Hey, I really like your music. I don’t compose, but I’ve been playing violin for about 3 years(with lessons), and I’ve been playing piano off and on(without lessons). Your music really touches me in a way other music can’t. Your sadness, your pain, everything that you express through your music, all of it comes as a whisper, not a shout. You don’t beg to be seen, or understood, just heard. That is truly beautiful and worthy of respect.


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